Precautionary C-section for Cardigan Bitches

Peter Clifton, British breeder of Joseter Cardigan Welsh Corgis for more than 50 years, strongly recommends that Cardigan bitches expecting a large litter have a C-section before she starts to whelp. This should ensure that both the bitch and all puppies survive. Over the years a number of Cardigan bitches have died of heart failure prior to whelping, mainly due to a lack of understanding of this breed.
"I first did this way back in the 80s with a bitch carrying eleven. While the vet did not want to open her up early, he accepted my advice, and all pups and mother did fine. Others within the membership can verify the above. It's better to start early and all survive than wait and lose some or all pups and possibly the mother."

This is supported by Sarah Taylor, breeder of Bymil Pembroke and Cardigans.
"I cannot agree more with Peter Clifton having myself lost a top champion bitch and all her extremely large litter when the vet at the time would not section her when I asked. After that disaster the vets always paid more attention when I requested a C-section. I also think it is worthwhile getting them scanned so you can be well prepared for a large litter."