The active and adaptable Cardigan Welsh Corgi makes a caring companion
By Cheri Langlois

The man never spoke. Not to the other patients, not to his therapist, not even to Daisy, the short-legged, foxlike-tailed therapy dog who introduced herself to each new person attending the mental health day program. But Daisy didn't mind. Smart and intuitive, she had a special knack for her job, knowing who needed her on any given day and sensing what the person required.

"She'd walk over and just wait to have some interaction," recalls Vivian Moran, who shares her Waddy, Ky., home with this Cardigan Welsh Corgi now 11 years old. In this case, Daisy seemed to know the situation called for quiet patience. And after some months, the man began talking again. "He talked about the dog he had growing up", says Moran, a Cardigan Welsh Corgi breeder and owner/handler for 24 years.

It may seem odd to think of a tough, active herding dog doing gentle therapy work, but the Cardigan Welsh Corgi tends to possess a less energetic personality than some herding breeds, including the smaller, shorter-tailed, and more numerous Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Dog Fancy May 2012