Welsh Corgi Compendium

By Susanne Bösche and Wihelmine Weidenhaupt

"A Corgi can do anything that can be expected of a dog - plus a little more." This statement made decades ago by the famous English breeder Dickie Albin is still true today, why?
A detailed explanation can be found in the Welsh Corgi Compendium with its comprehensive and fascinating overview about the Welsh Corgi Cardigan and the Welsh Corgi Pembroke.
This book is the two authors' declaration of love for Welsh Corgis and provides information about their origins and original work, the developing of the breeds, their character traits from A to Z, their genetic heritage and much more. It helps to understand the special needs and the unique character of these dogs.

This compendium is a comprehensive and fascinating overview of the Welsh Corgi Cardigan and the Welsh Corgi Pembroke. Extensive information about their origins, genetic heiritage, the breeds' development and original use. Their unique and remarkable characters are described from A-Z. Questions about living with a selfconfident and bright Welsh Corgi, buying a puppy, feeding, grooming and the many ways to interact with the new family member, as well as about the principles of breeding Corgis, are answered in depth.

The Welsh Corgi Compendium is the only book on Welsh Corgis worldwide which is published in multiple languages.
Hardcover, more than 230 photos, 22 x 23 cm, ribbon bookmark.

English Welsh Corgi Compendium
All about Cardigans and Pembrokes, 180 pages
29 Euros
ISBN 978-3-00-071745-1

German Welsh Corgi Compendium
Cardigan & Pembroke, 164 pages
20 Euros

French Welsh Corgi Compendium
L'ABC du Cardigan et du Pembroke, 172 pages
25 Euros

Dutch Welsh Corgi Compendium
Handboek over de Cardigan en de Pembroke, 176 pages
27 Euros

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