The Faireyhaze Kennel

The Faireyhaze kennel was active for a brief period in the late '30s but has left a lasting legacy.

Foundation bitch was Rozavel Jessica, by Tafferteffy ex the Dragon daughter Marjorie Brown. This was the most consistent bitch line of the era, Marjorie's dam Rozavel Juno and granddam Shan being great producers too.

Faireyhaze Clever Vixen

First she was mated to the young Dragon son Ch Rozavel Scarlet Emperor and Thelma Gray, as agreed, had one of the pups back. Rozavel Traveller's Joy quickly became a champion, and was then exported to Barbara Fallass' Andely kennel in New York state - she spared no expense in building up a great collection of Corgis. Joy did well in the ring out there but seems to have been a bit of a disappointment as a brood, producing five litters but nothing of any consequence, and her line eventually died out. Jessica was then put to Dragon himself and had Faireyhaze Clever Vixen. Her next litter was a repeat of the Emperor mating and this came up with Faireyhaze Empress. With these top class bitches the kennel must have seemed assured of a bright future but then came the war.

Faireyhaze Empress
I don't know what happened but as with so many kennels of all breeds we hear no more of Faireyhaze. Both Clever Vixen and Empress went to join the Teekay stronghold of Anne Biddlecombe in Dorset, who, with the help of her kennel managers Mr and Mrs Sonley, was able to keep her successful kennel going, and when shows resumed found herself at the top of the tree in terms of consistent success.

Faireyhaze Unexpected at 4 months

When I wrote about Teekay I dealt with the two Faireyhaze bitches in detail - enough to say that the veteran Clever Vixen won the first post war bitch CC, while Empress was by far the most successful brood the breed had yet known, as dam of Ch Foxfire (first post war bitch champion), the great sisters Ch Tiara and Ch Diadem, the important sires Marquess and Pendragon, and more. Clever Vixen also bred on but to a lesser degree, as did another bitch, mentioned in the ad, Faireyhaze Unexpected, who was behind the Carncairns in Northern Ireland.

Cicely Peat was supposed to be awarding her first set of CCs at Harrogate 1939, just three years after starting in the breed. Many of the other breed specialists of the era had an equally quick rise where judging is concerned - I guess that in a rapidly growing breed with very good entries, the societies were keen to promote new young breed judges. No long-winded approval process like we have today - wonder if our judges are any better for it!

The Harrogate show turned out to be the day before war broke out, and many judges, including Miss Peat, and most of the exhibitors never got there. Praying that our current hiatus without championship shows doesn't last nearly seven years like that one did...

Simon Parsons

10 February, 2021