Haverford West Open Show - 20 September, 1934
Judge: Miss Mollie Hamilton

Amazing the enthusiasm of the young exhibitors like Thelma and Barbara (then in their 20s), driving all the way from Surrey to Haverfordwest for an open show. It would be quite a trek today; many times more so before the M4 and Severn Bridge were built in the '60s. No doubt they would have been on the lookout for dogs to strengthen their kennels.

Thelma Evans (Gray) is obvious in the photo, holding Dragon. As is Sid Bowler, wearing a white coat (the right-hand of the two men). Interesting that he presumably showed his wife's Pem as well as judging the Sealyhams!

I would guess that Barbara Fletcher (Douglas Redding) with the winning bitch Wolfox Garbo could be the young woman with big hair on the left. Not sure which is George Checkland Williams whose dog Gate Crasher beat Dragon that day. Perhaps he's the man in plus fours next to Thelma, or could he be the important looking chap in the three-piece suit, or even the man with the leggy-looking dog in the foreground. Would be great to know more!

One thing that strikes me is how all the dogs here have more pointed ears than we see today? Dare one wonder if the old-timers might find some of the ears we tend to prefer today a bit Cardi-like?

Simon Parsons
9 April 2020