Influential Pembroke Bitches

It's always satisfying when the most famous show bitches go on to breed successfully and in some cases have a long term impact on the breed beyond their home kennel.
Gaining a British champion title is, as we know, a special achievement, even more so if the bitch is a slower maturer and you have to make the decision whether to break off her show career for a litter. And when you look back at the records only a relatively few of the champion bitches have made a dramatic impact as broods.

Kilvewood Ode To Joy of Salvenik at eight months

One who certainly falls into this category is Kilvewood Ode To Joy of Salvenik, born 09.07.1992, owned by Teresa Maddox and bred by Barbara Lloyd. at eight months old. She was litter sister to another lovely tricolour, Kilvewood Ode To Love of Courtllyn, who emigrated to South Africa with Margaret Cole and had a great career there.
They were by Sue Llewellyn's tri Ch Courtllyn Cadfael ex Kilvewood Royal Icing, a daughter of two West Country champions, Blaizewood Royal Jester and Kilvewood Ice On Fire. Joan Logsdon's Royal Jester was a very striking dog with a stunning outline and I was surprised he wasn't used more.
Ode To Joy was first mated to Ch Cordach Tribune and Teresa kept a dog and bitch, both of whom became multiple CC winners - Chs Salvenik Sweet Tribute and Sweet Keepsake. Three others made a big impact in their adopted countries, Ch Sweet Thoughts in the US (grandsire of the great stud dog Ch Tallyrand No Greater Love), Ch Sweet Times in Switzerland and Ch Sweet Vision in New Zealand. Another sister Sweet Memories is also in some American pedigrees.

The Sweet Litter, with Cordach Tribune top left and Kilvewood Ode to Joy for Salvenik top right
Courtesy: ©Béatrice Quinio

Subsequently Joy was mated to Ch Super Guy of Pemland and Teresa kept a dog, Super Chance, who did well as a puppy and then went out to Dwynella in New Zealand where he became a champion and produced very well. After a while he returned home and gained his UK title for Teresa, going on to further great success as a stud dog. He was one of those (like his sire Super Guy and grandsire Magnus) who would be known in the racehorse world as a 'sire of sires', and is in the male line of many of today's winners worldwide, including the UK CC record holder Ch Pemcader Thunderball via his top-producing son Ch Pemcader Belroyd Zeus. Also in this litter was S Super Ted of Elmsmere who did well in the ring and at stud on the Continent. I couldn't possibly list all the winners everywhere who come down from Joy; suffice to say she has made her mark!

Belroyd Jacana

I think it is fair to say that the most widely influential UK champion bitch would be Ch Belroyd Jacana, especially through Nut Cracker and Popinjay. (Comment by David Craig: Not only a great winner in the showring, but a great brood, dam of 4 UK title holders including Nut Cracker, the top sire in the history of the breed in Great Britain.

Ch. Cherquita of Wey

Another champion bitch from rather earlier in breed history who had a big impact is Nan Butler's Ch Cherquita of Wey, born 30.01.1957. She was a daughter of the famous Ch Gayelord of Wey who was a great sire of brood bitches. From her photo she seems to have been of similar type and lovely quality. She was bred by Mr Tomlinson out of a daughter of Ch Crawleycrow's Bannow Master Broom who is also behind Gayelord.

At first glance her tail female line doesn't look the most distinguished, what with Chinese Cracker, My Squibs, Lucky Patch, Snooks, Sandra and so on, but these bitches and their relatives produced some good stuff, including some significant postwar American champions exported by Thelma Gray. A sister of Chinese Cracker was dam of Ch Hildenmanor Red Dawn, and is therefore in the bitch line behind both Crown Prince's parents. Another very influential champion bitch, Stormerbanks Dairymaid, was from a different branch of this bitch line.

Sportsman of Wey

Back to Cherquita, and her first litter was by Nan's other well known stud dog of the time, Sportsman of Wey. The 'nick' between Sportsman and Gayelord certainly played a big part in setting the Wey 'look'.

From this came Pennywise of Wey who won a CC as a puppy. Nan subsequently sold him to Gunda Griffith (Mabinogi).I'm not quite sure why Nan didn't persevere with him to try to gain a title but have a feeling he was one who didn't especially enjoy shows. Nevertheless he was well used and proved an exceptionally influential sire. He really needs an article to himself - enough here to say that his progeny include Caswell Marcus (sire of Duskie Knight), Ch Corgwyn Shillelah, Blands Telstar, Ch Fitzdown Puesedown Pixie, Ch Belroyd Enchantress, Mabinogi Masquerade and Banhaw Bendigo of Corgay, to name just a few. His brother Penny Regal went to Vi Palmer-Cummings and is behind the Masongills and others.

Ch Sea Lion of Wey

Next, Cherquita was put to her half-brother Ch Sea Lord of Wey (Gayelord ex Sportsman's sister) before he left to New Zealand. From this Nan made up two champions. The tricolour bitch Ch Sea Mist does have some descendants but her brother Ch Sea Lion made more of an impact. In his photos he looks to be a squarer type than many of his contemporaries of the longer, lower Masterpiece type, but with a beautiful head.

Ch/AmCh Costens Cherokee-of-Wey

Nan, like most of the big breeders of the day, would often take in puppies from litters by her stud dogs. From litters by Sea Lion she made up the tri dog Ch Tiger Tim of Wey and the tri bitch Ch/Am Ch Costons Cherokee of Wey, who became a champion before her sire and whose photo gives me goose bumps! Cherokee's sister Can Can bred on well for Braxentra and others, her progeny including Ch Mynthurst Dusky Broadwing.

Winifred Busby bred two sisters by Sea Lion - Jomaro Winrod Juno and Foxash Winrod Juliet - who set those two kennels on a successful path.
Linnodee Sea Dancer of Wey produced well in New Zealand; Pengavin Party Joy is behind all the winners from that kennel, and Seastorm of Wey is behind some of the Rowells. When these lines from Cherquita came together they did much to add 'quality' to the breed - she certainly left a mark.

Simon Parsons
Facebook, 31 March 2021