Influential Pembroke Males

Here are a few influential males from the period of greatest change in balance, from the '30s to mid '50s. Clipper (2nd row centre) and Symphony (3rd row left) setting the pace.
Simon Parsons

Ch. Rozavel Red Dragon
born 15.08.1932

born Ch. Teekay's Felcourt Supremacy
born 21.08.1943

Ch. Broom of Ballybentra
born 31.07.1944

Ch. Sonec of Rode
born 16.12.1947

Ch. Knowland Clipper
born 08.03.1949

Ch. Zephyr of Brome
born 06.10.1953

Ch. Lees Symphony
born 10.04.1951

Ch. Maracas Masterpiece
born 14.07.1952

Ch. Gayelord of Wey
born 16.01.1955

Ch. Stormerbanks Indigo
born 06.04.1957

Stormerbanks Ch. Invader
born 26.03.1959

Stormerbanks Supersonic
born 23.03.1953