Maundy Money

Ancient religious ceremony in the Church of England, held in a different church (usually a cathedral) every year at Easter.

Today's recipients of Maundy Money, as many elderly men and women as there are years in the sovereign's age, are chosen chosen in recognition of their service to their parish and community.
At the ceremony which takes place annually on Maundy Thursday (the day before Good Friday) the sovereign hands to each recipient two small leather string purses.

One, a red purse, contains money in regular currency in lieu of food and clothing and for quite some time it has comprised £5.00 + 50 pence.

The other, a white purse, contains specially minted silver coins of 1 penny, 2 penny, 3 penny and 4 penny denominations that correspond to the years of the sovereign's age. Thus, in 2016, when the Queen celebrated her 90th birthday, 90 men and 90 women received silver coins to the value of 90 pence. The ceremony was held at St Georges Chapel, Windsor on 24th March 2016.