Change in Type

It always fascinates me how breeds change and evolve, often rather quickly.

In the case of Pembrokes, the period of greatest change was from the 1930s to the '60s, exemplified by Ch Rozavel Red Dragon (1932) to Ch Caswell Duskie Knight (1963) and his daughter Ch Evancoyd
Personality Girl (1967). These two, and the bitch in particular, are basically the template in type and balance for what breeders have sought ever since.

Ch. Rozavel Red Dragon

Ch. Caswell Duskie Knight

Ch. Evancoyd Personality Girl

How did the breeders achieve this in such a short time? It wasn't just one line in between that was responsible for the changes but a blending of various dogs and lines to come up with a "new look" which has lasted ever since.

Here are some of the key intermediate dogs, each contributing their own individual qualities.

Ch. Teekay's Felcourt Supremacy (1943)
Major sire of the immediate post war years.
Not in himself a big advance in terms of type but with the ability to produce what breeders and judges were seeking.

Ch. Broom of Ballybentra (1944)
Another major postwar influence.

Ch. Knowland Clipper (1949)
Grandson of Supremacy and perhaps the first of the balance we see today

Ch. Lees Symphony (1951)
Linebred to Supremacy but of a much more 'modern' type.

Ch. Maracas Masterpiece (1952)
By Symphony ex a Clipper daughter.

Ch. Gaylord of Wey (1955)
By a Symphony son ex a bitch going back to Broom.

Ch. Sonec of Rode (1947)
Another postwar sensation.

And from the other great strain

Ch. Stormerbanks Invader (1959)
the lines developed down from Broom, Sonec, Supremacy etc etc.

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6 April 2020