Tweedbanks Portland Bill (Billy)
(Eng.Ch. Pemland Magnus x Cordac Modesty Blaze at Tweedbanks)
Breeder: Eileen Douglas

Alan Taylor and Idris Jones (Belroyd) of England are honorary members of the PWCCA. Dogs bred under the Belroyd name have been outstanding show dogs and breeding animals worldwide. Tweedbanks Portland Bill (Billy) proved to be an important stud dog for Belroyd. Billy was bred to his first Belroyd bitch on a fluke; artificial insemination was not used in 1988 and both stud dogs, Portland Bill and Pemland Royal Command, lived in a remote area. Getting a bitch bred could be complicated. I asked Idris to share Billy's story.

"Billy first came to our notice when the late Connie Lewis was showing a photograph of a very promising 12 week old dog puppy by Billy. We were very impressed with this puppy, but unfortunately he (Billy) didn't have a great career.

Some months later Mary Magness had taken our Ch. Belroyd Popinjay home to be mated to Pemland Royal Command. After a few days Mary rang to say that she had failed to get a mating and was there a dog in her area that we'd like Popinjay to be mated to instead of to Royal Command? After some thought we remembered Billy so Mary kindly took Popinjay to be mated to him.

The resulting litter proved to be quite outstanding and as this was 1988 (The Welsh Corgi Leagues' Golden Jubilee) there were many hundreds of overseas visitors in the U.K. Several breeders came to Belroyd and saw this Portland Bill / Popinjay litter.

The Robertsons took home N.Z. Ch. Aust. Ch. Belroyd Stormbird and N.Z. Ch. Belroyd Sanderling. Stormbird in particular proved to be a good sire. Pat Sandy Smith had the other brother, Am. Ch. Belroyd Seabird ROMX who had a great carrier as a stud dog and is behind so many of the winners in America. Several of the top breeders in the U.S.A. repeatedly used him to great effect.

We kept Ch. Belroyd Shovellark who in turn produced Ch. Belroyd Blackcap, Am. Ch. Belroyd Bronze Eagle and Belroyd Bee Catcher. Blackcap was the sire of Ch. Pemcader Betty Boop and Ch. Belroyd Early Rose who between them won three CC's at Crufts in the late '90's.

Our next encounter with Bill was when we took Belroyd Tree Pipit to him. Luck was with us once again, for as a young bitch Pipit had run a very high temperature each time she came in season. Our vet wanted to spay her, but with the use of antibiotics we did eventually get a couple of litters from her. The first litter produced Eng. Ch. Belroyd Cowslip and Eng. Ch. Belroyd Cornflower. This was followed by a litter containing Am. Ch. B. Dovkie [brought to the U.S. by Tim Mathiesen] /BOS PWCCA 2000) and dam of Am. Ch. Nebriowa China Dove and Am. Ch. Nebriowa Veracity; Am. Ch. Belroyd Dotterel who did well for Kay Hammel and Belroyd Dawn Chorus of Foxydale. This bitch, Dawn Chorus, produced Ch. Foxydale Smart Guy who besides winning three CC's at Crufts, has produced very well including our latest CC winner Belroyd Briarlark.

I hope this shows how much luck is needed in dog breeding and how much we owed to Tweedbanks Portland Bill and his charming unassuming owner, Ms. Eileen Douglas."

As a final note, Idris added:
"P.S. Billy had an important son in Australia owned by Mrs. Gloria Woodward and bred by Mrs. Mary Winsone named Aust. Ch. Cordach Senator."

Aust.Ch. Cordach Senator

Unlike Benny and Basil, Tweedbanks Portland Bill was not a famous show dog, but his influence extends through lines of dogs worldwide.

A fairy tale doesn't' announce its moral which is sometimes oblique. The reader applies their own values and point of view. Is it the kind heart or the clever quick wit that makes the hero win? Was it the fairy god mother or plain hard work that contributed to the happily ever after ending? With these dogs I think there are equal measures of good timing and someone with a terrific eye and breed knowledge. But perhaps you'll find it was all matter of luck. Maybe Benny and Basil and Billy had their fame because of karma. For whatever reason, our breed is richer by far because they were discovered. They deserve all their glory, but they had help getting it.