Early Puppy Socialisation

It is of utmost importance that socialisation starts in early puppyhood. Only in this way can a puppy develop into a good companion for his future owner.

To simply let the puppy play in the backyard with his siblings is not enough. The puppy should also be activated by, for example, trying to catch a toy on a string or finding food/treats in the garden so that he can develop both its mental and motor skills.

By touching, petting and talking to the puppy, he will learn that contact with humans is a pleasant experience.

Photo: Meta Feenstra-Minet, NL

The puppy should get used to being handled, with his teeth, ears and feet being checked and his coat groomed. The puppy should also get used to standing on a table so that he can be examined by the vet or, in case you wish to show the puppy, by the judge.

In the house the puppy should be admitted to the kitchen, the bath room, the hallway, etc. so that he gets used to the various sounds in a household such as the vacuum cleaner, the washing machine, the coffee machine, the ringing of the phone and the doorbell. He should also be allowed to meet the guests.

The puppy should also be trained to be in a crate and be driven around in a car.

What a puppy should get acquainted with before the age of 7 weeks.

The "7-rule" will provide an all-round socialisation of the puppy so that, when leaving the breeder, he is well prepared for his future life.

  • Play with 7 different toys: soft toy, squeaky toy, rubber ball, milk carton, PET bottle, etc.

  • Eat from 7 different bowls: ceramic, metal, tree, plastic, etc.

  • Manage 7 different obstacles: walk through a pipe, climb onto a small box and down again, balance on a tree log, dog walk or a rocker board, etc.

  • Walk on 7 different grounds/floors: grass, sand, gravel, tree, pavement, tiles, etc.

  • Get acquainted with 7 different environments: town, beach, woods, railway station, etc.

  • Meet 7 different "types" of humans: children, men, women, old people, postman, etc.

  • Eat in 7 different places: in the kitchen, the backyard, the bath room, etc.