Is The Corgi Becoming A Rare Breed?

Despite the announcement by Daily Mail Online on 10 May 2012 of a boost in popularity of the Queen's favourite breed during the Diamond Jubilee Year, only 333 Pembroke puppies were registered last year, down from 371 in 2011, a drop of more than 10 per cent.

With the registration numbers steadily falling, there are concerns about the future of the corgi and as a result, the breed remains on the Kennel Club's 'at watch' list, while its more restful cousin, the Cardigan Welsh corgi, is on the 'vulnerable' list with only 94 births registered last year, a decrease by 14 compared with 2011.

According to Diana King, chairman of The Welsh Corgi League, regulations preventing the docking of tails are to blame for stymying the popularity of the dogs with breeders. 'The decline is a real concern because it is a lovely breed. They are healthy and hardy, and often too intelligent for their own good, ' says Diana King, and 'The demand is there, but many older breeders stopped once the rules came in that prevented tail-docking as they feel it spoils the overall look of the dog.'

Daily Mail Online, 25 Jan. 2013