Is Your Corgi Afraid of Thunderstorms/Fireworks?

Many dogs are scared of thunderstorms and/or fireworks which will send them cowering and hiding under the bed, shivering on the sofa, or barking and howling with anxiety.
In this case a thundershirt might help. Many corgi owners have reported amazing results or at least a significant reduction of all symptoms of storm and fireworks anxiety when their corgi is carrying a thundershirt.
The shirt is very easy to put on. Just lay it over your dog's back and secure it with the chest and torso straps. The fasteners make the shirt very adjustable to many different body shapes. A size Medium (chest size 18"-26"/45-66 cm) would normally fit a corgi. The shirt should fit snugly, otherwise it doesn't work.

Try getting your corgi used to wearing the shirt before the situation arises that frightens him.

Pembroke Yoshi
Owner and photo: Ellen Clary, USA

Cardigan Gracie
Owner and photo: Mary Kaminski, USA
Search Google for "thundershirt" to find a stockist in your region.

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