Breed Information

100 Years of Corgi History
The Original Corgi
The Meaning of Corgi
The Row About The Brindle Pembrokes
The Birth of A New Breed
The Separation Of The Breeds (1934)
The Separation of the Breeds Breed notes in the AKC Gazette 1936
The Revival of the Blue Merles
A History of the Welsh Corgi
Change in Type - Pembroke
The Vexed Question of Size (1954)
Cardigans in Pembroke Pedigrees and vice versa
Article by W. Lloyd Thomas on the Early History of the Welsh Corgi
The League's Golden Jubilee
Canine Aristocrats
Bob Llwyd - The remarkable dog from the Tregaron Hills
"Doggie" Hubbard Obituary
Cruft's Dog Show 1927
New Breed at Crufts 1927
Corgis first time at Crufts
Corgis during World War II
Early Pembroke Success in Ireland
Imports - Exports to UK
Influential Pembroke Bitches
Influential Pembroke Males
Ch. Zephyr of Brome
Haverford West Open Show - Sept. 1934
Ch Hildenmanor Crown Prince
Some Influential Pembroke Males
Tweedbanks Portland Bill

History USA
First Cardigan Welsh Corgis in the USA
The Problem Faced In Breeding Cardigan Welsh Corgis
The First Pembroke Corgis the USA
UK/AmCh. Sierra Bowhit Pivot
Pembrokeshire Corgis - Part I
Pembrokeshire Corgis - Part II
Pembrokeshire Corgis - Part III
Tributes following the death of Margery Renner
Early Breed Success in the USA
A Tribute to the Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Breed Standards
The Coat of the Cardigan Corgi
Size and Weight of the Cardigan Corgi
Judging Tails In Pembroke Welsh Corgis
Head Foxy in Shape and Appearance
The Pembroke Corgi in the Past
Variations in Breed Type
White Markings in the Pembroke and Cardigan Corgi
A Rare Case of Cryptic Merle
Fawn and Cream Pembroke Corgis
"Pink" Cardigan Corgis
Illustrated Cardigan Breed Standard
Judging and Its Affect on Breeding
The Reason Why Breeds Change
Inheritance of Sable in Cardigan Welsh Corgis
Coat Colour Inheritance in the Pembroke Welsh Corgi

The Geler Cardigans
The Lees Corgis
The Bowhit Pembrokes
Stormerbanks Corgis
The Beckrow Story
The Kentwood Pembrokes
The Kentwood Cardigans
The Larkwhistle Corgis
The Teekay Corgis
The Faireyhaze Pembrokes

The Cardigan Welsh Corgi - A Portrait
Is The Corgi Becoming A Rare Breed?
The Cardigan a Rare Breed in the Country of Origin
Is a Corgi the Right Dog for You?
Difference in Temperament between Cardigan and Pembroke Corgi
The Importance of Temperament in the Cardigan Welsh Corgi
Corgi Temperament
Corgi Character
Why Are Herding Dogs Running the Figure 8?
Leave it!
Corgi retains its Welsh working instinct even in Australia
The Caring Cardigan