Christmas Wish

There's a chill in the air as we step out at night,
walking slowly, with care, by the bright moonlight.
Down the lane we meander - no races to run,
not a squirrel to excite you; youth's business is done.

We return to the warmth and the comfort of home,
content with each other, together, alone.
You settle in bed by the candle's soft light,
as you turn and sigh and are soon sleeping tight.

Your legs start to twitch, and you pick up the pace
as you dream of your youthful romping and race.
You speed through a tunnel, soar over a jump.
Faster and faster your stubby legs pump.

You remember your ancestors herding the sheep.
Then all is calm; you surrender to sleep.
The tree's twinkling lights cast a glow on your head,
your fur now more gray than black and deep red.

You remember the books all the children read,
as they stroked you and petted your handsome head.
Dream on with me a little while -
I do so love your corgi smile.

Your peaceful snoring lets me know
that all is right, reassuring me so.
I gently smile at my sleeping treasure,
feeling a love that knows no measure.

My Christmas wish is for one more year
with my most precious corgi dear.

To my dear Buddy
Maggi Payne
Christmas 2015