Darby O' Damn it!
Bluetrix Darby O'Willa Woo
31 January 2004 - 25 April 2008

Darby O Ear muff
Does she still chew ask's Sue
Has not chewed in months
She is a well behaved show dog
There lay the ear muff
In little pieces and puffs

Darby O Red neck
Does she bite asks the pem lady
No she is full of respect
She is a well behaved show dog
There goes the pem in a blur
Her with a mouth full of fur

Darby O'Willa Woo
Does she stand for her date
She is right on cycle, never late
She is a well bred show dog
There we are at the clinic
Doing AI ain't no picnic

Darby do, O Darby do
Does she have puppies
Not just once, but times two
Blacks and blues, too many to choose
There we are in the show ring
A matched set gets the bling

Darby O Darling
Does she live well and long
She lives loud and proud
Now she's a very ill dog
There go the tears
She had just four years

Darby O Buddy
Does she leave unmissed
There's a hole, there's mist
Such a cruel cancer twist
She was a well loved dog

Author: Lore Bruder, Pincher Creek, Alberta