A Dog's Christmas Poem

'Twas the day before Christmas when all through our house
Every creature was stirring, including Pet Mouse
The stockings were hung by the chimney - my lair -
Next to my Master's overstuffed chair.

My family was singing and still decorating;
Three dogs and three cats were anticipating
A glorious Christmas of new gifts, great treats;
The cats wanted catnip, the dogs wanted meats.

Excitement was building throughout all the day
Our people were happy; we all got to play;
Gift wrapping, baking, smells of turkey and ham
I felt grateful at "Home" as the loved dog I am.

As night came on then and our warm beds awaited,
The excitement had built to a pitch unabated;
But we all went to bed for a short night of rest,
Knowing Christmas would bring us all only the best.

I thought of my "brothers" and "sisters" outside-
Some starving and freezing with no place to hide;
No families to love them; no food; some in pain;
I knew many would die in the cold and the rain.

I said a dog prayer for each unwanted stray
And asked Santa Paws to give them one Special Day
And let each of them know of real love and sharing,
A kind human touch and sweet, gentle caring.

A Light filled the sky and glowed everywhere;
Someone from above had heard my prayer!
An angelic Presence came into my view
And said, "For one day, your wish will come true."

When I awoke, I heard sounds of great glee
My folks were there laughing 'bout a stocking for me;
Kong toys and rawhides, squeak toys and more
With presents for everyone spread 'cross the floor.

The ferret, the hamster, the bird, and the fish
Got new toys and food, a cage or a dish;
We got lots of attention and every need met
And gift certificates for our favorite vet.

In fact, we had so much, we wanted to share;
So my folks called a Rescue to check with them there;
They learned, to the shelter's surprise and delight,
Every animal's lack had been made quite right.

New beds, bowls of food, and toys everywhere
Someone must have come and spent the night there;
The infirm seemed younger; the sick were now well
But, whatever had happened, no one could tell.

Without making a sound, with no one in sight,
A miracle had happened during the night!
Oh, why can't it be like that every day With every pet wanted and no such thing as a stray?

The Spirit of Christmas is alive in each heart
Through Loving and Giving we can all impart
The Christmas Spirit every day of the year
And make Miracles happen, like the one told of here.

Author unknown