On The Death Of Dookie, the Royal Corgi

Dear old Dookie! Now he's resting
In his kennel in the sky.
Times like these are rather testing:
Dead dogs make one want to cry.

Lively Corgi, I recall him
Nipping at my ankle bone
On that very special morning
As I knelt before the throne.

How he made the Palace brighter
With his funny little ways.
Once he ate a Bishop's mitre;
Oh my word, what happy days.

Now, alas, his bark is muzzled.
All around is drear and glum.
Unope'd stands the food once guzzled:
Tins of 'Pal' and cans of 'Chum'.

Royal servant, faithful fellow,
Will we see his like again?
Though the days are turning mellow
We could still be in for rain.

(Author uknown)