by Maggi Payne

Midsummer's Eve, and all was calm.
The air was filled with flowery balm.
The corgis had been hard at play
and now were glad to end the day.
They blinked and nodded foxy heads
and settled down on comfy beds.

The moon was full and cast soft beams
on corgis sleeping, deep in dreams.
Then fairies came, as legend told,
with silken wings all dusted gold.

The corgis roused and took off at a fly,
and they all disappeared in the star-kissed sky.
"What a lovely dream," I said,
and burrowed deeper in my bed.

When I awoke at dawn's first light,
the corgis all were sleeping tight.
I smiled as I recalled my dreams -
fairies - corgis - soft moonbeams.

When the corgis stretched and rose
and came to me and kissed my nose,
the golden dust fell on my bed,
some lingering on each lovely head.
I blinked my eyes, then laughed to see
my dear old corgi wink at me!

Remember - next Midsummer's Eve,
just crack a window, and BELIEVE.