Ode to Miss Bonnie
CH Bluetrix Will Black Bonnie, CGN RE HS

Just a little black and white puppy
She went on a long flight
Played in the ocean, chased a guppy
Never cried once at night
Placed in the Ring, went "Best Puppy"
A lesser dog.....Could not

Rally-O is a sport brand new
We trained for signs and heel
Her trainer really had no clue
Into the ring around we peal
Trophy is hers forever so true
We smiled, we danced, we squeal
A lesser dog.....Would not

Ranch cow work, no real rules
Now sheep, let's play Bo Peep
Again her trainer has no clue
Wrong commands, stick up high we creep
Panels now in the middle too
We passed, we titled with sheep
A lesser dog.....Could not

A champion gains Rally excellent
Tours for fun of Square Dancing
For young and old performing she went
Six big puppies free she whelped
At age eight, four more she sent
Like mom the daughter's winning
A lesser dog.....Would not

Now my Bonnie hero lies at rest
Holes in our house and heart
Her daughter searches for her best
She helped me learn and start
No more training the kennel nest
She greets her old friends with big barks
A lesser dog.....

Lore Bruder

Bonnie (left) and her daughter Raya