Ode To A Cardigan Corgi

Fluffy puppy, small and round, bounded into my heart.
Bumbling trusting little thing, took my life and home apart.

Growing, thriving, puddles and poohs, on and on she grows.
Ringcraft training, my oh my, will she ever be ready for shows?

Puppy classes, red rosettes, beyond my wildest dreams.
My bumbling baby is quite a star, with quality she teems!

New hobby, new friends an empty purse, a first CC, then number two.
The happy day she became a champ, what more was there to do.

She gave me puppies, small and round, became a loving mother.
Then they left home and once again she was my friend like no other.

The years, they pass relentlessly, her dear face peppered with grey.
Our walks grew shorter, slower, but she still loved to play.

One day no walk was wanted, her eyes were dim and sad.
A gentle wag, a lick for the vet, my heart broke, I felt so bad.

My lovely girl who shared my world, my funny faithful friend.
She made me laugh, she gave her all, we were together to the end.

Through streaming tears I smiled at her as she slowly slipped to sleep.
Bumbling pup, clown and friend, those are the memories I'll keep.

Karen Hewitt