Ode to Corgis
by Maggi Payne, Florida

Corgis are like M&Ms;
they come in several colors.
Some are high-fallutin' Brits,
and some are US fellers.

Some dash around the cows all day
and herd them home at night,
While others lie upon the couch
and practice sleeping tight.

Some yearn to be the Best in Show
and prance around the ring,
But others covet High in Trial -
Agility's their thing.

Some like to vie in Rally-O
and practice down and sit,
But others yearn for Tally-Ho
and chase a fox or kit.

A few of them work very hard
as service dogs on duty,
While others toil in Hollywood,
renowned for canine beauty.

Some have flowing pantaloons
and wear a coat that's fluffy.
Others sport a GI cut
and look a tad bit scruffy.

But sable, tri, or red and white,
they all have learned the ploy
Of capturing our minds and hearts
and giving us GREAT JOY!