My Old Friend

I had a little Corgi,
She was very old and grey.
She'd lived with me for many years
And loved me, come what may.
She'd raised her share of puppies,
Some pets and some "for show",
Some were really lovely
How it hurt to see them go.

But now her time was running out,
Her breeding days were through.
My friends all said "You'll have to find
A home for her that's new.
You can't afford a passenger
In a kennel such as yours.
She'll eat too much and cost too much,
She'll have to go, of course.

Make room for all your young stock,
To carry on your line.
Get rid of all the dunderheads.
Don't worry, she'll be fine."
I thought about this good advice,
And tried so very hard
To think what it would soon be like
Without her in the yard.

It's true she could not earn her keep,
But to be really frank
Her worth to me was much, much more
Than money in the bank.
She looked at me with big brown eyes
So soft, and sweet and kind.
To think that I could part with her -
I must have lost my mind.

In the world of "showing"
It was easy to forget
The reason why I bought her
Was as my friend and pet.
I still have my dear old Corgi,
And I know she'll never roam,
But will stay with me beside her
Till her Master calls her home.

Author unknown.
Source: The Cardigan News-Bulletin 1978/3