For Patches
Finnhavn's Patch of Trouble
22 May 1991 - 24 November 2005

Arriving so small so curly so burly
With much to do and learn
Always brave and in such a hurry
Running so hard, crash and burn
We laughed so hard
The tears roll down

That old fence must be down
Cows with calves are out
You head 'n' heel them, go round
In they go one last woof and shout
We are so proud
The tears roll down

Up the hill a waddling you go
Pups in there, but how many
Panting down you come but slow
Five blue, one tri that's how many
They are gorgeous
The tears roll down

Around the field in dark and day
On foot, tractor and horse
With tagger* in hand, cow at bay
Right hand man, right on course
You saved my ass
The tears roll down

You are very grizzled and grey
Working hard to see and hear
A quiet passing for you we pray
In our hearts you are so dear
You will be missed
The tears roll down

Waiting in fields forever green
Are those who went before
I will see you in my dreams
And in puppies on my floor
And the tears will roll
The tears roll down

Author: Lore Bruder, Pincher Creek, Alberta
*) device for ear-tagging cattle