Poems & Tributes

A "Reading" Dog's Poem
Ode to Corgis
Corgi Fantasy
The Fairy Saddle Legend
A Dog Sits Waiting
Prayer of a Stray
A Thankful Orphan Dog
Do I Go Home Today?
On The Death Of Dookie, the Royal Corgi
Dear God... from The Dog   deutschfrançais
Before Dogs
The Corgi's Midsummer's Eve
The True Prince of Wales (song)
The Loneliness of the Long Distance Loser
My Old Friend
A Happy Dog's Bedtime Prayer
You D'ont See Many Corgis Now

Rainbow Bridge
Rainbow bridge
Rainbow Bridge - original version
The Rainbow Bridge Poem
Two Kinds of Heaven   deutschfrançais
Owain Dances with Broccoli   deutschfrançais
Reba The Svelte   deutsch
Sota Tale   deutsch
For Patches
Druid's Dream
Darby O' Damn it!
Ode to Miss Bonnie
My Shadow
For Lace
Pawprints Left By You
* * *
I Loved You Best
Old Dog in a Locket
Do Not Mourn
If It Should Be
Last Night
The Loan
May I Go?
A Message From A Little Ghost
The Accident
Ode To A Cardigan Corgi
Waiting at the Door
Today you did the bravest thing
A Secret Shared

Dear Santa
Puppy Christmas
A puppy's 12 days of Christmas
A Corgi Christmas
A Corgi Carol
The Corgis' Christmas
A Doggie Wonderland
A Star for Poppy A Christmas story    deutsch
Doggie Decorum    deutsch
The 12 Days of Corgi Christmas
The Christmas Corgis' Flight
A Dog's Christmas Poem
A Homeless Dog's Christmas Prayer
An Old Dog's Christmas Prayer
The Christmas Corgi at the Stable
A Dog's Fairy Tale of Christmas    deutsch
Christmas Wish