The Christmas Corgi at the Stable
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"T'was Christmas Eve; the moon hung low,
as the corgis came in from the fresh fallen snow.
The Old One, a tri with grey on his muzzle,
reached over to give his sweet girl a nuzzle.
Her red and white fur caught the soft yellow light
from the star at the top of the tree shining bright.
The Little One lay with his silk-sabled head
tucked under his arm on the feather bed.
The calico cat was curled up by the fire;
the warmth of the hearth was her heart's desire.
As darkness descended and day turned to night,
they all settled in and were soon sleeping tight.

The grandmother clock played the Westminster chimes,
then tolled the midnight hour twelve times.
The Old One raised his foxy head.
He cleared his throat, and then he said,
"Since speech is ours this magic eve,
come hear this story, and believe."
"Long ago and miles away,
a man and lady traveled far.
They journeyed on through night and day,
pursued by God's most brilliant star.
They looked for lodging but were told
there was no room - not anywhere.
A stable beckoned. Weary, cold,
they entered, knelt, and said a prayer.

"The lowing of the gentle cow
gave voice to reassuring calm.
The lady Mary, great with child,
found such sweet sounds a welcome balm.
The hooting of the tawny owl,
the cooing of the turtle dove,
the kitten's plaintive, soft meow
told Mary she was wrapped in love.

The donkey lined his crib with straw -
a manger to befit a king.
The baby Jesus came, and awe
filled hearts of every living thing.

"The ox then spoke: 'We bid you joy
and celebrate your blessed birth -
a precious, much loved baby boy
who's come to bring us peace on earth.'

"The shepherds came - their sheep nearby,
with corgis watching o'er the herd.
Led by the bright star in the sky,
they knew a miracle had occurred.

"One corgi wound through shepherds' feet
and reached the baby in his manger.
Mary rose, alert and fleet;
the cow assured there was no danger.
The corgi kissed the sleeping child,
a gentle kiss upon his cheek.
The baby answered with a smile,
and on the corgi's widow's peak
appeared a glowing five-point star
reflected from the midnight skies -
a gift of love from God afar
now come to earth before their eyes."

The Old One paused to catch his breath.
The Little One looked up in awe.
A corgi at the Christ Child's birth
beside the manger bed of straw!
A miracle on Christmas Eve!
Now hug your corgi, and BELIEVE!

Poem by ©2014 Maggi Payne
Graphic: ©2021 Béatrice Quinio