The Christmas Corgis' Flight
By Maggi Payne

As I roused from sleep on Christmas Eve,
the corgis all had taken leave.
I panicked, racing through the house,
but all was quiet as a mouse.
No frapping or aroooing here -
That they were gone was very clear.
Oh where, oh where could they have gone?
And would they all return by dawn?
I made my way to the living room,
saw soot and footprints by the broom.
And then I spied the hasty note
in Santa's hand, and here I quote:
"Reindeer tired - took your crew.
Be back by dawn - I promise you!"

I ran outside and scanned the skies.
To my amazement and surprise,
the corgis, pulling Santa's sleigh,
were flying high and on their way.
With pumping legs and flapping ears,
they soared away to Santa's cheers.
Would they return - my corgi team?
Could this be real? Was it a dream?
The hour growing ever late,
I settled down to fret and wait.

I wakened with a fearful start
and tried to still my frantic heart.
There, beneath the Christmas tree,
the corgis all slept peacefully.
Snow was melting on each nose,
and ice balls in between their toes.
A smile of joy was on each face,
and there, beside the fireplace,
another note in Santa's hand:
"Apologies - this was unplanned!
Thanks for lending me your team.
They soared upon a bright moonbeam!
We stopped at homes across the globe,
and as the Christmas tale foretold,
left joy and hope for one and all,
from grownups to the very small.
Time to go retrieve the deer.
Our work is done for one more year!"