Druid, My Hero

Cardigans+BullDruid is truly my hero. Besides being stunning to look at, she is fearless when the chips are down.

In the corral late one evening, with Rick gone to work for night shift, a quiet cow that we had brought in because of a prolapse had dropped her calf, and the calf landed with its head underneath. That is a sure-fire death sentence. Seeing that it was a quiet cow, I just went in to give the newborn a little tug to get the head upside.

WHAM - into the corral boards I went. Down the boards in the corner, with the cow's head in the arch of my back and rubbing (remember - 1,300 pounds!). "Don't let go of the corral - if she gets you down - you are toast!" is running through my mind. It hurts.

Next thing I know there is Druid hanging off the cow's cheek with this crazy cow shaking for all she was worth. Druid looked like a rag, while I leapt up and over. Called my dog, and we both lay on the dirt (outside the corral) for a while.

I was smarting from my rubbing, and Druid was missing a tooth. (Note: the scissors bite is very important!!). - The calf survived.

It only takes once that a dog literally saves your life and you will love that dog forever no matter how much hair she leaves on your truck seat.

Lore Bruder, Pincher Creek, Alberta, Canada

Druid's Dream
Lore Bruder

Rich red cheeks
Turned silver streaked
Rich thick coat
Thinned out with time
Steel blue colour
Now darkened to grey
Brilliant white ruff
Yellowed with age

Missing a toe nail
Where it went
Who knows
Missing a tooth
Where it went
The cow knows
Missing a meal
As aging goes

Glorious show days
Now far in the past
Raising show puppies
They grow up too fast
Moving the stock
That job is passed on
You are just happy
To see a new dawn

Now we must part
sharp pains in my heart
You grew old with
Such charm, such grace
My Druid's Dream
Dream on, Dream on

Bluetrix Druid's Dream - my right hand girl
May 18, 1993 - January 30, 2008