Giant Corgi Cake at London's Tower Bridge

In the morning of 15 April 2011, to the delight of dogs and their walkers, Freeview ramped up their Royal Wedding celebrations underneath the iconic back-drop of London's Tower Bridge, with the unveiling of a giant dog wedding cake, setting a new Guinness World Record.

Corgi cake

Created by award-winning cake designer Michelle Wibowo, the huge 6 ft high tiered structure weighed 68 kg, was topped with a giant replica corgi, instead of the traditional bride and groom figurines, and cut an imposing figure on the banks of the Thames. Michelle worked for 111 hours solid over a period of three weeks to construct every detail of the cake which measured nearly six foot long, over four foot high and over three feet wide (70" x 52" x 40"). The intricate details of the corgi's fur took the longest to do with Michelle spending 16 consecutive hours crafting the intricate details.

The dog-friendly recipe included canine-favourites such as: liver dog food, chicken and beef steak. The record breaking weight was achieved using a whopping:
  • 20kg of liver dog food (including dried liver, chicken and beef steak)
  • 25 cloves of garlic
  • 30kg of wholemeal flour
  • Fish oil
  • 120 eggs
Commuters stopped and stared as the cake was unveiled and sampled by a trio of corgis, before pieces were handed out to excited passing dogs keen to get a bite of the action.

Corgi cake

Cake video:

After being enjoyed by the corgis the cake was delivered to Battersea Dogs Home.

Freeview's corgi stars, who can be seen embarking on an epic journey in the new TV advert are acting royalty in their own right, having starred in Oscar-winning films The King's Speech and The Queen.