The Long Way Home
Missing Corgi reunited with his family after 11 years

On 20 Sept. 2011 there was an amazing story on, Las Vegas.

A corgi dog that disappeared from a Las Vegas home more than a decade ago has been reunited with its original owners after spending several months almost halfway across the country.

Michelle Jernigan and Kipp Blauer bought Duncan, a Pembroke corgi, for their two boys 11 years ago. He became their shadow and companion. Then, one day he was gone, just disappeared.

The family searched everywhere, also in shelters, and put up fliers, but never heard anything about Duncan's whereabouts until a few days ago, when Kipp received a call from a lady in Missouri who said she had his dog and Kipp, confused, asked: "What dog?'"

It turned out that Duncan, after his disappearance from his home, ended up in a valley shelter where he was adopted by an an elderly lady and became her companion for about ten years. When the lady died, her daughter brought Duncan to Missouri, where he one day escaped from her house. He was picked up by a rescue person who discovered that Duncan had a microchip which made it was possible to contact the family.

Just last night, Duncan was reunited with his original family. "I never would have thought it, not in a million years," Michelle said "but life is strange, you never know what is going to happen".


Here is Duncan's rescuer's account in her own words:
"One morning, two weeks ago, my two neighbors who are walkers found a Corgi a few blocks away. So they just knew that he had to be mine. I'm the Corgi lady after all! I answered the door about 8:30 a.m. and my neighbors told me that they found one of my dogs and put him in my back yard. Great, except it wasn't one of our dogs! I scanned him, called "Home Again" and got the information for the owner in Las Vegas.

Then my husband walked in and told me that the dog lived on the next street. So I popped him in the car and off we drove. I found the woman in her front yard looking for the dog. The story was that her mom died and she had the dog. So I told her a few things like he is really overweight and really needs his nails cut and I'd be glad to help her out with that.

I left and on the way home my cell phone rang. It was the original owner calling from Las Vegas.

Now I was in a pickle. He told me that their dog had been stolen almost 11 years ago. So I took his information to the new owner and asked her to call him. She asked if I thought that he wanted the dog back. I told her that he had told me that he would pay to have the dog shipped back to them.

Then I worried. Would she ship him back? She really didn't like him and her mix breed terrified the old Corgi.

But then I got the call from Kipp, the very fist owner, and the dog was at his home. He couldn't book a flight into Vegas due to the heat, so he had the little guy shiped to LA and he and his family drove the 12 hour round trip to get the boy.

The little Corgi has had a rough year and hopefully he will now settle in his final home. Very sweet little guy."

Linda Moore
Pet's Second Chance Inc
Welsh Corgi Rescue

P.S. Duncan is now 11 years old, so he must have disappeared while still a puppy. His family doesn't believe that he recognized them, but he is certainly thrilled to have so much attention now and follows Michelle Jernigan everywhere.