Corgis Go To Preschool

Well, here I am, walking down the street with 4 dogs on leashes. The air is cool and crisp. Leaves are turning, and we are just really enjoying the fresh taste of the air and the walk through the neighborhood.

I am walking through the preschool playground, when the doors open and about 20 kids come running out. They look like maybe 3-5 year olds, and they are full of themselves, happy to be outside. They see us at the end of the playground, and all of them head straight for us. All except one little boy, who is obviously having a pretty rough day. He is crying, and staying next to the teachers, and just not happy.

Well, I could either run - with 4 dogs - or I could stand my ground and let the kids pet the dogs. I decided on the spur of the moment that the dogs would be just fine. I look at the teachers and nod, and the teachers stop trying to get the kids away from the dogs. Pretty soon, we are inundated with kids petting dogs, and dogs licking kids.

The dogs are in heaven. Nan rolls over for a tummy rub, and I hear one little girl telling another that you pet them THIS way, and showing her how to rub a tummy. Brynn is sitting in the midst of 4 or 5 kids, and talking that "Arooooo!" that tells me she is supremely happy. Teegan has got her butt going in overdrive, trying to meet and greet every last one of those kids.

But Miss Penny ... well, Miss Penny has seen the little boy having a rough day. While Miss Penny normally loves kids, she is struggling to get free of the pack of kids, and get loose. Finally, she slips her collar, and verrrrrrryyyy slowly goes toward the little boy. He is still hanging onto the teacher, crying. I am watching this scene unfold, knowing that my big girl is about to make a change in his life.

The teacher turns him around, and he sees Miss Penny sitting behind him, with her eyes looking straight at him. She "woofles" at him, sticks her butt in the air, and invites him to play. He giggles. My big girl gets right next to him, leans into him, and gives him a tentative kiss. He throws his arms around her, and sighs. Miss Penny has eyes for no one but this little boy, and she is trying her darndest to make his day better. She snuggles into him, and he is giggling the whole time. The teacher is losing her frowning look and relaxes.

I am just watching, because I know what she is doing... she is loving on a baby human. Very quiet, very composed, just trying to make him happy. Before long, he is with the rest of the kids, petting all the dogs, and having an uproarious good time.

This all happened in about 20 minutes. The kids spent their recess time petting dogs and playing, running through the playground with dogs in the pack of kids, and all of them having a grand time.

Teachers start calling kids, and I start calling dogs. Recess is over. The teacher with the little boy tells me that this is his first day back at school. His daddy was killed in a car accident last week. My big girl somehow knew how much he was hurting, and tried to make it better.

I got home and spied the stuffed corgi that sits on the counter. I get in the car and take it back to school. I tell the little boy that Miss Penny wants him to have a stuffed doggie to take with him. He snatches that stuffed dog like there is no tomorrow.

I got a call from his mom last night, to thank me. I told her no big deal, it was the dog that did it. And if he wants to come and play in the backyard with the girls, he can.

I am so proud of my girls. I am especially proud of Miss Penny. She is just something.

Sheree Blair and the Colorado Corgi Crew
October 2010

Reproduced with kind permission.