Barking Corgis - A Blessing or a Nuisance?

Many years ago, Mrs S.A. Williams from Dinas Cross in Pembrokeshire lived next door to a lady called "Auntie" who all too often got annoyed at the three corgis belonging to the Williams family. In an attempt to somehow ease the relationship between the neighbours and explain why perhaps there was a good reason for not taking the corgis' barking too seriously, Mrs Williams wrote the following little poem and sent it to Auntie.

"We bark each night, we bark each day.
We bark to keep the thieves away.
There's burglars here and muggers there,
And rogues and robbers everywhere.
Now you know what the barking's for...
To keep you safe and sound next door."

Unfortunately Auntie became subject to a burglary and although nothing much of value was stolen, it caused a lot of irritation and anxiety for the neighbour. After some time Mrs Williams received the following lines from Auntie:

"We bark each night, we bark each day.
But still we can't keep thieves away.
We didn't bark, we've no excuse.
We'have had the sack 'cos we're no use.
And so they've had to get one more...
To keep you safe and sound next door."

So Taffy, Tudor and Cherry soon got company of Sue and there were no more complaints from Auntie about barking corgis.

From The Lady, 4 January 2013