RIP Beau

Beau, our foster corgi, crossed the Rainbow Bridge today.

A lady from the Coatesville area had found him abandoned on the road and dropped him off at Hibernia Park during our corgi picnic. He was down in the hind end already at that point, was in terrible condition, including the most God awful breath imaginable. I was going to take him from the picnic right to the vet to have him euthanized, but on the way home, even in his condition, he climbed from the back seat of my car to get up in the front with me.

At that point, I figured it wasnt' his time yet. I brought him home, cleaned him up, cut his nails and introduced him to the pack. They were very good with him. We took him to the vet, where he had 17 rotted, disgusting teeth pulled.

He flourished here, in spite of his handicap, he got around on his two front legs as well as any corgi here did on four legs. He knew his way around the horses - we're sure he must have come from a horse farm; usually when we get in a new foster, they are afraid of the horses at first - not this guy, he knew exactly how to behave around them.

He didn't like the cart we borrowed for him - he wanted to just go on two legs and did well for the entire first year with us. He gradually started going downhill last summer and eventually couldn't get around anymore.

Since Christmas he had really deteriorated and we knew it was time. I'm not sure my guys will know it's cookie time tonight, he sounded the alarm every night promptly at 9:30 PM, I swear the boy could tell time.

We will miss him so much, he made us laugh a lot, but know he's now running free at the bridge, with his buddies Tyler, our corgi who left us last July and our GSD Rommel who left us in August. I hope he was happy here and honestly I curse the people who just left him on the side of the road to heaven knows what fate.

Hold onto your little ones, our time with them is so short.

Diane Maniscalco, USA
7 January 2013

Reproduced with permission