The Story of Benny C
As told by Jeanette DeMars

Corgi Connection was contacted by Kansas inspectors about taking a Corgi from a puppy mill holding 1,500 dogs. (That's not a typo!) The owner was cited for lack of care of the dogs. Among the hundreds there was a lone Corgi stuck away in a cage. Corgi Connection was told the dog had a nose and lip injury but no indication of how severe it was. I agreed to take him because our group gives preference to dogs in-state, and he might have been euthanized otherwise.

What a shock when I saw the full extent of his injury. I actually cried. However, the wonderful person who helped get Benny transported across the state reminded me not to remember his past but look forward to his promising future.

The breeder told authorities Benny was attacked by an adult dog when he was a puppy and the injury was left untreated. It's a wonder he lived! I consulted about having his injury repaired in some way, but since he had no physical ailments I decided not to put Benny through such a surgery just to make him look better to us humans.

Despite Benny's horrific injury, his personality was terrific and you quickly learned to look past it. He had no special physical needs and was able to eat, drink and chew. He did drool some, but it was nothing compared to some other breeds.

Benny C was named after a childhood acquaintance who had a cleft palate. Benny went on to serve our country and lead a normal and productive life; it is our hope that Benny C will be given the opportunity to live a normal life as a loved and spoiled pet.

Before being put up for adoption in December 2010, Benny was neutered, vaccinated, heartworm tested and had dental work done. He also learned house manners, how to go for long walks, come to his name and some basic commands.

He has discovered toys and in typical Corgi fashion gathers them all up for safe keeping. He does well in his crate and prefers to sleep there at night with the door open.

Photo: Soggy Dog Salon

At the beginning of 2011 Benny C found a terrific new home in Salina, KS with Peg and Bill, their 2 cats and a cockatiel. You can now follow him, as Benny Corgipants, on Facebook.

Source: The Daily Corgi