Intelligence of Corgis

Anyone who owns a corgi finds out sooner or later how very intelligent and resourceful they can be. This incident took place in my kennels.

Not far from the house, the canal runs through farmland and the towing path makes a safe and pleasant walk for the dogs. One afternoon last December it was bitterly cold and a thin layer of ice was on the water. I was exercising five adults and a four-months-old puppy, when without any warning the puppy, seeing a strange dog in the distance, jumped straight into the water, the ice immediately giving way. To my horror, instead of keeping close to the bank, where I could have hauled her out, she swam round and round in circles until she was well out of my reach.

I now began to wonder if it would be warmer with my coat on or off in the water, and how far I should sink in the mud. I had however forgotten Swai, a little tricolour granddaughter of Teekay Marquess and exceptionally intelligent. Swai had quickly realised what had happened. Giving me a very knowing look, she jumped into the water and swam quickly to the puppy. Swimming beside and guiding it, she brought the puppy to where the bank was low and out they both scrambled.

When we got home I dried them both well with warm towels and they were none the worse for their adventure- although Swai was in whelp at the time, and three weeks later produced six strong puppies. I (and I hope the puppy!) have at least learnt a lesson and youngsters now stay on their lead until they are old enough to look after themselves.

D. B. Drakeford
From The Welsh Corgi League's Handbook 1951