A Rather Unusual Friendship

The corgi, Ripley, met the little rabbit one day while she was out walking with her owner, Lareina Tan. The bunny ran around in circles around them instead of away, and jumped onto Ripley's front paw while she was sitting.

Lareina Tan was slightly concerned that her dog, who is named after Ellen Ripley from the Hollywood movie Alien, might hurt the rabbit, but realized after watching the pair that she had no intention of injuring her new playmate.

Her owner thinks that it could be because she grew up with a huge bunny and a hamster. But perhaps Ripley's herding instincts were at work as she rounded the bunny up off the road and towards the sidewalk.

After Ripley was called inside, the bunny hopped off. Since then, whenever Ripley leaves the house in West Lafayette, Indiana, for a walk, the bunny would pop up, ready to play. If the tiny bunny had met a different dog than Ripley, this encounter could very well have had a different outcome.

Photos: Lareina Tan.
Source: The Daily Mail, 12 August 2013