Charles de Gaulle's Corgis

In 1954 Mrs Helen Sheldon, an English breeder, sent a Pembroke puppy to General Charles de Gaulle (President of France 1959-1969). The puppy was by Ch. Critic of Cowfold out of Craythorne's Good Tender. In his memoirs General Boissieu recalls the little Corgi: "The first dog was a certain Vincam, an impressive German Shepherd... He was replaced by an amiable Welsh Corgi called Lutin but, because of his small size and short legs, my brother in law, a capable pilot of the French Air Force, named him Rase-Mottes (hedgehopper). When he died he was replaced by another Corgi, Rase-Mottes II, who spent his last days as the companion of Louise the cook after her retirement".

Rase-Mottes II was a present from Lady Dorothy Macmillan, the wife of the British Prime Minister (1957-1963). The puppy was given to de Gaulle in order to help him over the loss of Rase-Mottes, who had been greatly loved by the president's entire family. Rase-Mottes II was treated with English dog cookies to make him feel at home. But despite this, he tried to escape one day. He was pursued by the cook who chased him in vain through the park of the president's country residence. Finally he was caught by the constables who kept guard outside the park.

Source: Welsh Corgi Prat 3/97 (PWCCA Newsletter)