Harry - Rescued from Hell

When Gigi L. in Hong Kong saw Harry's face on the local SPCA site, she didn't know much about the breed but couldn't forget his smile. When she arrived at the shelter and saw him, she fell for Harry at first sight.

Although he was very underweight and his fur looked funky, Harry had a friendly demeanor.

In Gigi L.'s own words:

"He climbed to my lap and my heart melted. His papers said he was part of an animal abuse case. I was shocked that I had to sign waivers to classify him as evidence in a court case, but couldn't leave this guy behind."

"As I signed the paperwork, Harry sat quietly and watched us from afar. I knew very little about his past but I was smitten with him. My friend joked that adopting a Corgi officially made me a queen, and if I were a queen he'd have to be my prince. The name Harry fit my little ginger prince perfectly."

"Two days later I went to pick him up. I put his new leash on and tried to walk him to fetch a cab. To my horror, he didn't know how to walk on a leash! After trying to lift my 20 pounds of Corgi for half a block, I gave up and returned to the SPCA. The receptionist gave me a chicken wiener and told me everything was going to be OK -- I just needed to be patient."

"Within the first 24 hours, I realized Harry wasn't an average dog."

"Aside from the mold on his ears, I started to notice all the scars he had on his body. He had mold and scars on his ears, ankles, elbows, and square-shaped notches on his snout. He never made a sound and was obsessed with the tiniest morsel of food. When his new bed arrived, he didn't know what to do with it. My poor Corgi didn't know how to enjoy most things a lot of dogs take for granted."

"A follow-up call from SPCA a few weeks later confirmed my worst suspicions: Harry was a puppy mill stud. He was part of an illegal operation where 140+ dogs were kept in stacked cages. I cried when I saw the video about the rescue operation (Warning: graphic content!) featuring my beloved Harry as the poster child of abuse. He was found with almost no hair on his rear end and his nails were wrapped in his cage's wired floor due to neglect."

"Sadly, a lot of people in this city simply regard dogs as a toy, or worse -- a nuisance. Our animal laws are archaic. Harry's abuser was fined (after keeping 140+ dogs in hell) about US$800."

"After a lot of TLC and reassurance, Harry has blossomed into a friendly and intelligent dog. His vet helped him sort out his myriad of minor health issues and his fur grew into a glossy coat; the mold on his ears and ankles is gone!"

"He gained some much-needed weight and has learned to enjoy a life of naps, belly rubs and walks. His favorite things are his tennis ball, cattle bone and drinking water. He also loves his neighbors."

"Adopting Harry has helped me gain a lot of perspective in life. I learned most importantly what unconditional love means -- to give it and to receive it. I hope everyone will give a rescue animal a chance, Corgi or not."

Found on and reproduced with kind permission of The Daily Corgi

Sadly, on 2 November 2013, Gigi had to help Harry cross the Bridge. She would like for us all to remember Harry's smile and the way he overcame his sad start in life.