Unique Jewelry

My Quincy, a very large and very sensitive cardi boy is unfortunately a poop eater. When we go for walks I've gotten very good at mostly keeping him away from the offending substance. However, as you all know, a corgi can be quick when ingestibles are in the equation.


Several Sundays ago I was having a meeting with half a dozen folks in my living room. Quincy started to vomit. I didn't get too concerned because he has a tender tummy and tends to do that with some frequency and it rarely indicates a problem. But this was different. It got worse throughout the evening. Early the next morning he would not drink water or eat food so off to the vet we go. The vet suspected that he in fact got some very bad poop.

They did blood tests, xrays, etc, etc, etc. Later that day the vet calls and says they found an object of some sort in his intestine and were going to try to remove it without surgery. Well, they eventually succeeded in that via a very deep rectal exam. Poor boy! What emerged was a perfectly intact peach pit. How or where he got it is anyone's guess. All I know is that he must have been in awful pain. He recovered amazingly quickly.

The unique necklace

$1500 later the vet put the pit in a plastic bag and gave it to me. It smelled worse than poop. I took it home, sterilized it in alcohol for several days, dried it in the oven and sprayed it with gold paint. I wound a gold wire around it and suspended it from a bronze satin ribbon. I wear it frequently and surprisingly I've gotten several compliments on my unique necklace. I figure for $1500 dollars I should darn well display it.

Gwen Meshorer, USA
March 2012
Published with kind permission of the author.