Lady, The Dog Of My Childhood

The earliest memory of my childhood is the day I got a puppy. I had not even reached the age of 3 years, but I remember it as if it happened yesterday. It is the only clear memory of my early childhood and so it must have made a great impact. It was also the start of my life with dogs.

Lady was a Pembroke puppy and came from Beret Odden in Bøverdalen. At the end of 1958, Beret Odden's son Gudmund had brought Lady's parents from England so that his mother would not be alone on the small holding in Bøverdalen, a valley in the council of Lom.


The puppy's new home was in Vågå, a neighbouring council of Lom, and it was the perfect place for a dog. Lady came to Sygard Storrvik, a heritage family farm with numerous buildings and an unlimited and secure space for romping about. We kept all the usual farm animals of that time, including a large herd of unruly goats. Perhaps not the type of animals the breed is usually known for - but Lady proved to be a fabulous goat dog. She kept the goats together by running around them at great speed. Any stray goat was immediately outrun and driven back to the herd.

Sygard Storrvik

Lady had a wonderful disposition. She was social, clever and assisted actively in all the tasks which arose on a farm during the year. I cannot remember if she ever was ill. When there once was an opportunity, she was vaccinated by the local vet. She never forgot it. Whenever the vet came by to see to an animal, Lady would hide under her favourite bench at the dining table, growling fiercely.


By literally growing up together, there was a very special bond between me and Lady. Therefore my despair was great when, with Lady's advancing age, more and more subcutaneous lumps were discovered; most likely it was cancer.

In those days it was not customary to feed dogs with special dog food. Lady was served the same food as the farm folks. Her favourite dish was pancakes which she devoured at lightning speed.

The two photos were taken by me shortly before her death.

Lady died in 1973, at the age of 14 years, and I was devastated. I don't know exactly when she was born and whether she had any siblings, but there was bound to be more than just one puppy in the litter. She was the only Corgi in our neighbourhood.

I have since always had a dog, but never again a Corgi. There could never be another one like Lady.

Ola Storvik Bodin

P.S. by Rita Tilley Wilberg:
Lady's parents were Hundleton Hei and Hundleton Sporho (breeder: Mr. C. Smith, Pembroke), imported by Gudmund Odden in 1958. The puppies were born in 1959 and, as far as can be ascertained, it was the first Pembroke litter born in Norway.
Earlier in 1958, Ellebeth Galtun imported the dog Coillemohr Red Admiral from England (breeder: Mrs. G.W.O. Howe, Airth, Stirlingshire). The following year she imported the bitch Coillemohr Copper Coin. The dog was the first Pembroke to be registered in Norway and the pair became parents of the second Pembroke litter in Norway.

Abstracted from the Norwegian CorgiPost 1/2014
Translated by ANo with kind permission