Short Legs and Deep Snow

Owain, our 13 year old Pembroke, was recently diagnosed with lymphoma but is doing reasonably well on prednisone and homemade food. Mostly he moves pretty slow, but he will run down the hall when he knows dinner is waiting.

Coltsrun Owain Gwynedd

The recent big snow storm threw him for a loop. Saturday morning we woke up to big drifts in front of the doors. Since Owain can only get up the steps to the sunroom, I decided that was the only door I would try to keep clear. I had to go out and break trail for the dogs too. Reba the Svelte (formerly known as the 70 lb. corgi) was our head trail breaker and nobody volunteered to take her place, when she left for the bridge.

Reba followed by Heart

Owain didn't mind the snow and the howling wind, but he had another problem. He has always been a very shy pooper, always wanting to go in tall weeds or under bushes. His favorite spot in our yard is up the hill under a big old pine tree. Every time I let him out, he piddled but didn't poop. He looked longingly at the pine tree, but wasn't up to the footing in the snow. Every time the dogs needed to go out, I'd clear the steps (again) and break a trail (again) and Owain would look longingly at his tree.

Owain didn't poop all day Saturday during the storm. Yesterday, the girls had broken a trail in a circle around the pine tree, but Owain still couldn't manage the deep snow. He didn't poop all day. Now I know he must have been full to the brim, since he was eating all his meals, but he just wouldn't go. Finally, this morning, he caved in and walked a little way up the hill and pooped. Poor little guy must have been ready to explode.

I'm glad we live far enough north that we only got about 15 inches of snow. If we lived in Portland at 33 inches, he'd probably still be holding it.

Jan Reynolds, in the great North Woods of Maine
Owain (No thanks, I'll wait.)
Heart (Shovel faster, mom, I need to go.)
Olivia (As long as the dog door is clear, I'm happy in deep snow)
Pandee (I think I'll just pee in the house) and she did!

11 February 2013
Reproduced with permission