Looking For A New Family

Every Thursday, The Daily Corgi introduces a few Corgis who are available for adoption. This week Laurie , the blog owner, let one of them speak for herself. I found her profile so well written that I asked for permission to share it with my readers. I hope you will enjoy it just as much as I did.

Hello friends! Rosey of Kansas here, looking for some new digs. Who will be the lucky family?

Fast facts about me:

* I am (obviously) gorgeous. Line forms to the right.

* I'm about five years old. I've spent most of my life so far in an outside kennel, where I had a litter of adorable pups. We'd have preferred the Bone Appetit Maternity Suite at the Ritz, but alas, it was not to be. When my family moved out of state and couldn't find a place to live where dogs were OK (seriously -- missing out, people!), I wound up at Corgi Connection of Kansas Rescue. By then my single mother days were behind me. And it's a darn good thing, too. Because really ... every meal al fresco, sleeping under the stars? That stuff is for vacations in the Outback or camping in the woods. Not a dog's life 365.

* While I like the indoor life, crating is SO not my style. A crate? You don't want to see my scared face any more than I want to show it. My dears, this is non-negotiable. Surely you've heard of the royal Corgis across the pond? How often do you think they get crated? I rest my case.

* A few weeks ago I was adopted by a wonderful family, but their resident Corgi -- also a Corgi Connection rescue -- didn't care to share her home with me. Well. Sometimes girl Corgis can be such ... well, I don't need to say it, do I? I would've been happy to stay, and the uprights liked me, but that other Corgi ... let's just agree that sometimes a lass needs a nest of her very own to feather. I will not speak ill of the sisterhood.

My former foster family was willing and able to take me back, so now we're on the hunt for my furr-ever family.

* I come with a few built-in challenges. Let's call them quirks, not challenges! Because I lived outside for so long, I am not yet completely house-trained. Can you help me learn how to be a true pet? Patience, love and positive training will go a long way. I can be a bit bossy, so a home where I'm the only dog (or with a low-key male dog who knows his place) would be the right fit for me.

* Ideally, there will be someone around in my new home more often than not. Waiting long stretches for company? Not my idea of a good time. I need to bond. I really want to be loved, even if I am a bit bossy, and that's the straight-up truth. I make up for it with major cuddle-bugging. MAJOR.

* They have spayed me, vaccinated me, microchipped me and determined I'm heartworm negative. In other words, practically perfect.

So that's my story and I'm sticking to it. Every word is true! If you would like to apply to adopt me, please drop a line: jeanette@corgiconnection.com.

13 February 2014