The Exploits Of Traveler

I have Cassidy, my red brindle Cardigan for over 10 years, and Tango came along in 2007. However it has only been this month, with Cassidy's great-grandson Traveler, now 14 months old, that I KNOW - 100% certain - that this is a CORGI. I have read for 10 years of the exploits of your fur kids, and said repeatedly, "Well, that's odd: MY boys don't do that". With Traveler, however, the light bulbs have gone on, and I understand.

I understand that a small corgi can, without a sound, steal one of 5 hamburger buns on a plate off the dining room table, leaving not a crumb to indicate that there had not always been just 4 hamburger buns on the plate.

I understand how a small corgi can levitate himself to retrieve from the BACK of a kitchen counter an unfinished bag of Fritos.

I understand that a small corgi can SOUNDLESSLY trip over a garbage can and distribute garbage all over the backyard in the space of two minutes.

I understand that a small corgi can steal a loaf of bread from the kitchen counter and devour it in the time it takes his Dad to go upstairs to change his shirt.

I understand that neither Tabasco sauce nor hot chili oil nor Sriracha sauce will keep a small corgi from chewing on a desired item.

I understand that when a chew toy/puzzle does not easily give up its bounty of treats, a small corgi will take the direct approach, and eat half of the plastic toy to get to the treats.

I understand that when a small corgi is given ToxiBan (activated charcoal suspension for effective adsorption of ingested poisons) after consuming sugarless gum with Xylitol, he will lick up the black ToxiBan as if he is being rewarded for his escapade.

I understand that a small corgi will substitute for a compost heap when I am preparing dinner, happily devouring potato peels, apple peels, pieces of green pepper, lettuce, carrots, and pears. He is also fond of lemonade, not waiting for the lemons to be squeezed.

My garbage cans are now galvanized metal, on a raised cart, so that Traveler cannot tip them over.
The compost heap has a new fence around it.
The rabbit pellets get dumped beyond the electric fence line.
We do not let him out when we are grilling: I don't trust him not to go for the drippings while the grill is still hot.
I do not buy sugarless gum, because my children will not remember to put the gum UP - and not on the arms of the sofa - when they are done. (I keep the 3% hydrogen peroxide and turkey baster handy to induce vomiting, just in case).
I am looking for an old-fashioned metal bread box, which will at least make a loud noise if Traveler wrestles it to the kitchen floor.

We are on guard now, but we thought we were being careful before, until a small corgi taught us otherwise.

Pray for us: we need an accelerated learning curve to keep our little guy safe.

Leslie Thiele in Upstate New York
Cassidy, Tango & Traveler: the Cardi boys
Kitty Patrol: Marieke & Chester, and Bunnies Spotz & Ebony
June 2013
Reproduced with kind permission.