Corgi Causes A Kitchen Fire

Hali Hudson had agreed to let her 8 year old Corgi Yogi appear on an episode of the new animal Web series, "Pet Sense," being produced by the Pet Collective. In the premiere episode, Yogi was brought in to work with an "animal communicator" who was supposed to help adjust his rambunctious behavior. Ever since Yogi had been adopted from his breeder at the age of two months he has "hated" cleaning supplies.

For the taping of the show, Hali Hudson opened the doors to her kitchen cabinet under the sink so the "Pet Sense" producers could film Yogi in action. And he performed duly by immediately attacking the various cans of cleaning supplies. He also got hold of a bottle of black spray paint which he puncutred with his teeth so paint started spraying everywhere, covering Yogi and the white kitchen.

Yogi was unhurt and didn't seem to mind the black paint covering his face. While he was rushed to the bathroom to be cleaned up, aerosol from the ruptured can mixed with the pilot light inside Hudson's oven, causing a sudden explosion.

Thankfully, the fire was contained and everyone, including Yogi, emerged unharmed.

Watch the entire episode on YouTube: