Corgi Wrongly Accused of Indecent Behaviour

On 18 April 2016, Dan Walker and Louise Minchin, hosts of the daily BBC Breakfast morning news programme, welcomed their special guest - a Pembroke corgi - onto the show as part of a segment on the Queen who has owned many corgis over the years.

Few hours later the English tabloids broadcasted pictures of Benji (alias CH Ermyn Snow Knight) to the world accusing the corgi of bad behaviour. It was claimed that he had "leaked" on the famous red sofa and sniffed Louise's skirt shortly after the filming of his introduction.

However, Mary Davies, Benji's breeder, put it right on the social media. The truth is that poor Benji is innocent. During the filming it was so hot under the studio lights that Benji was panting and the stain on the sofa and floor was nothing but saliva. And as far as his nosing about the hostess's skirt is concerned, it just shows that you don't know the corgis when you think that they, after being offered some cookies, would leave without making sure that no crumbs were left anywhere.

Photos: The Sun