Corgis race to "reveal" the name of the next British Royal Baby

One of the hottest topics of discussion in Britain these days is what the gender and name of Duchess Kate and Prince William's second baby will be.

But betting site Ladbrokes wasn't content to wait for nature to take its course. Using a pack of adorably cuddly corgis (the preferred breed at Buckingham Palace), they set up a race between 10 dogs to "choose" the sex and the name for baby-to-be.

So what were the possible names in the race? Alexandra, Camilla, Victoria, Philippa, Elizabeth, Spencer, James, Boris, Henry and Albert. Elizabeth had the best odds (5/1), with James right behind (8/1), but it was hard not to be delighted by the inclusion of long-shots Boris (the name of the current Mayor of London) and Camilla (the name of William's stepmother).

Who won? The fleet little Alexandra, though over on Ladbrokes' site, the choice of Elizabeth still tops all the others. But really, when corgis race, we all win. Pets & Animals