Corgi stays close to owner during labor

It's not unusual for pregnant women to have a support system present for delivery, from their partner to their medical provider. But for Brooke Ellington from Texas an unexpected part of her cheering section during her recent home birth was her 1-year-old Corgi, Ranger.

Ellington and her husband, Steven's first Corgi died last year. The couple adopted Ranger as a puppy a few months ago to "fill the hole in their hearts" after the loss.

"I don't think I could love him more," Ellington told TODAY Parents. "For only having him less than year, he is such a big part of our family and is so loyal to all of us."

"I remember him checking in with me from time to time, but I didn't realize he was right there by my side the entire time until I saw the photos. I was in tears seeing how loyal and curious he was."

The photos taken by photographer Kristin Waner of Kristin Ann Photography, show Ranger following close to her side - Ellington lovingly scratching Ranger's head while in labor and Ranger giving his owner kisses from her position in the birthing tub. It is obvious that Ranger was trying to comfort his owner during her labor and delivery of her third child, a baby girl named Berkeley.

After baby Berkeley's arrival, the photos show Ranger curiously sniffing his new baby sister and staring quizzically into Waner's camera.

While Waner has photographed home births in the past, she says Ranger is the first pet she has seen stick so closely to his owner's side.

Now that the baby is born, the mom-of-three says she and her family are adjusting well to being a family-of-five and Ranger is thrilled with his new role as big brother.