Only one Corgi left

The Queen has been left distraught following the death of one of her two surviving corgis.

Thirteen-year-old Holly, who appeared in the celebrated James Bond sketch for the opening of the London Olympics in 2012 and was with her in a celebrated portrait by Annie Liebovitz in Vanity Fair to mark the Queen's 90th birthday earlier this year, was put to sleep at Balmoral.

Willow and Vulcan (top), Holly and Candy (bottom).
Photo: Annie Liebovitz, Vanity Fair, April 2016

At the beginning of October 2016 the Queen had to take the heartbreaking decision to summon a vet for her Corgi Holly who was suffering from illness and the effects of old age. It means that after more than seven decades of the continuous companionship of corgis, the Queen is now left with Willow, also 13, and two dorgis - Vulcan and Candy.

Holly has been buried in the castle grounds at a spot the Queen can see from her drawing room window. In due course there will be a headstone marking the resting place.