Royal Gifts for Your Corgi

The Royal Collection Trust has launched a new range of posh pet accessories. The 11-piece range includes bowls, coats, leather collars and leads, blankets and brushes.
The beds, coats, etc. are decorated in Hunting Stewart tartan - the livery worn at the Queen's official residence in Scotland, the Palace of Holyroodhouse.

The pet beds are available in two sizes:
small at £65.00 and medium at £75.00

The coats are equally available in two sizes:
small at £35.00 and medium at £45.00

A tartan collar bandana, including a leather Buckingham Palace tag, is priced at £9.95, while a squeaker toy made of tartan and shaped liked a bone is £14.95.

The dog bowls are made from English fine bone china and
embellished with 24 carat burnished gold and a royal crest. Price: £25.00.

The leather collars engraved with the words 'Buckingham Palace'
cost £35 for a small size and £40 in medium.

The new exclusive range also includes leather leads, which cost £45 for the small size and £50 for the medium.
The Queen takes particular care of her dog leads. She once reportedly sent the Prince of Wales back to find one he had lost at Sandringham, telling him: 'Dog leads cost money'.

The 11-piece range also includes a double sided grooming brush (£9.95), an accessory pouch (£14.95), and a handmade tartan fleece blanket (£60).

Those without a dog could always opt for the cuddly version - a toy corgi costing £15.95.

All items can be purchased online at or in Royal Collection Trust shops. All profits from the sales will go towards the upkeep of The Royal Collection, which looks after the Queen's art collection and arranges exhibitions.