Corgis of Ukraine

"There was a time when the Welsh Pembroke Corgi breed was known only to a small circle of initiates. Passersby that asked the name of the breed were surprised that Pems turned out to be pure bred animals. That time is now gone forever. People are now absolutely sure that they see not just Corgis, but Welsh Corgi Pembrokes, regardless of colour, and during any walk you will meet excited teenagers exclaiming ..."Look, look at those awesome Corgis over there!" ...

Ukraine has an impressive number of dogs consisting of almost all the world breeds. Historically, there are several cynological organizations represented here, but the undoubted and overwhelming leadership belongs to UKU (Ukrainian Kennel Union), the only representative of Ukraine in the governing Brussels based FCI (Federation Cynologique Internationale) organization.

Almost all Ukrainian Pembrokes are registered in UKU. The very first Welsh Corgi Pembroke was registered in the UKU's studbook back in 1998. Since then, the number of records went beyond 1,300 at the end of 2016. That year there were 139 puppies registered from 51 litters.

At the moment, up to forty FCI registered kennels from Ukraine are recognized as Corgi breeders. UKU holds national and international shows, championships, sports competitions, working tests and other cynological events - and in 2017 Ukraine is hosting the Euro Dog Show. Five Welsh Corgi Pembroke specialist events are held annually in different Ukrainian cities. In the capital Kiev, the main show [British Shepherd Dog Championship] takes place annually, where the best dog and best bitch are rewarded with the "Champion of the Breed" title.

World Dog Show Budapest 2013. Judge: Liz Cartledge, GB
World Veteran Winner Hum'nbird Would You Believe. Owner Nikolai Litvinenko.

Many Ukrainian Corgi owners are great dog-fanciers and active exhibitors, so Pembrokes became one of the most numerous breeds at the Shows and competition in the rings is harder from year to year. Some Ukrainian Pembrokes achieved significant show results winning events in Europe and Internationally.

CORGI@DNEPR 24 August 2013, Dnipro, Ukraine
Left to right: Best Female: Solntse Ol`Deburga Apel's Inovaya Dol`Ka;
Best Veteran: Hum'nbird Would You Believe;
Best Male & BOB: Ermyn Snow Knight; Best Junior: Hailait's Zegna

Traditional meetings of Corgi fans with formal and informal competitions take place in a very friendly and festive atmosphere. One of the shows of this series was CORGI@DNEPR, which first took place in the city of Dnipro in 2012 (under Beata Petkevica, Latvia) and then 2013 (under Sandra Muckle, Great Britain). All participants of the event stayed a couple of nights at a comfortable forest camp near the city, where the informal social gathering of participants continued.

Corgi party

During the free time available, they enjoyed parties and contests and all of them were delighted with the originality of the format and organization.

CorgiFest 2017

The second Show of the series is the annual CorgiFest Specialty which has also been held in Dnipro since 2011. It is very highly rated by participants who not only show their dogs at the event, but also take an active part in its organization. CorgiFest stands out as one of the top events of our national show season among Corgi owners - and not just for the Ukrainian ones!


Our country seems to be a really great place for Corgi Title hunters! Enthusiastic Ukrainian Corgi owners are actively and successfully engaged in various sports such as; Agility, Pitch&Go*, Freestyle, Obedience courses and lessons like "Dog in the City" which is something similar to "Good Citizen Dog" etc.

"Tom" Corwood Last Hero herding

Welsh Corgi Pembrokes are well known and beloved in Ukraine. Pems are filmed in commercials and TV shows, participate in photo sessions and any local dog magazine cannot do without articles about them. Their simple and natural beauty, high intelligence and surprisingly comfortable character turn Pembrokes into a very desirable breed for many Ukrainians - and of course that has to include me!"

Corgis of Ukraine is the biggest Facebook breed group in Ukraine
and is said to be the most powerful, almost like an "official" Club.

Nikolai Litvinenko of Corwood Corgis

From "Our Corgi World", summer 2017
Reproduced with kind permission

*Pitch&Go: A field is divided into sections of e.g. 5, 10, 20 metres length. The pitcher stands behind the start line and throws the ball or another object. The dog has to retrieve and bring back the ball as quickly as possible whereupon it is thrown again. The winner is the dog who has covered the greatest total distance within the given time.